Camera Control

  • Bradley Multi Function Controller 2 (8 Channels)

    • Bradley Multi Function Controller 2 (8 Channels)

      The Multi Function Controller is possibly the most sophisticated remote head and camera controller available. Both remote heads and cameras can be controlled from this controller including camera engineering functions. Use the Bradley Multi Function Controller with our sinaCAM camera system and Bradley UR3W remote camera heads. Multi Camera Operation The Multi Function Controller can control up to 8 remote cameras and heads using the one-touch selection buttons or up to 99 cameras with the addition of a keypad Camera Selector. Because the output data is generic, any number of different cameras and heads can be controlled by using a data receiver and protocol converter at the remote end. The protocols are open and available for 3rd party interfacing. All BRADLEY products operate as plug-and-play units. Advanced Control Functions The main controls are positioned in a familiar ergonomic layout to enable ease of operation over extended periods with minimum operator fatigue. All corners are rounded for comfort. The main LCD display has several pages of information and selectable functions. The CCU LCD section has three knobs that can be individually assigned to various camera functions. Should a new function be required this can be written into the software and will simply become another option on this LCD panel. All these functions, and more, can also be accessed via the optional Remote Engineering Panel which offers touchdown joystick engineering control of up to 4 cameras each. This enables a single control path for Pan & Tilt, Lens and Camera. Power & Data Power input is 12-18v and data output is RS485 via industry standard XLR3 and XLR4 sockets on the back panel. Also on this panel an optional data input can be fitted for remote inputs. eg. RCPs. Pointers
      • Primary Control Functions Pan
      • Tilt
      • Zoom
      • Focus
      • Auto/Manual Focus
      • Fine Focus
      • Iris Auto/Manual Iris
      • Ramp
      • Pan Speed
      • Tilt Speed Preset Positions x 8
      • Preset Position Store
      • 8 x Head Select (Additional selector panel for up to 99 heads)
  • Sony MSU-900

    • Sony MSU-900

      The MSU-900 Master Setup Unit is a central control panel used for the adjustment of camera parameters in a multi-camera system. The MSU-900/950 is connected to each camera control unit in the system via the CNU-700 Command Network Unit or an Ethernet network hub.


      • Central control of camera parameters for the entire camera system
      • Picture and waveform monitor switching
      • Precise picture adjustment
      • Built-in 6.5-inch (*) type LCD display for clear viewing of adjustment parameters during operation
      • Memory Stick slot for storing/recalling files
      • Built-in Ethernet interface (100Base-T)
  • Sony HDCU-1500 CCU

    • Sony HDCU-1500 CCU

      The HDCU-1500 is a half rack control unit designed for use with the HDC-1000R series cameras. The HDCU-1500 is equipped with a range of built-in interfaces such as HD SDI/SD SDI outputs, HD/SD return inputs, and a down-converted analog composite monitor output. Furthermore, the Ether net interface (100Base-T) that is built into the HDCU-1500 allows the HDC-1000R series cameras to be controlled over an IP network. High power supply allowing HDC-1000R camera or HDC-1500R/HDC1400R with HDLA-1500 operation. Three HD SDI or SD SDI outputs and up to four additional sets of HD SDI or SD SDI outputs (requires two optional HKCU-1005 boards) Three HD SDI, SD SDI, or analog composite return video inputs, Built-in down-converted analog composite output, Built-in 2-3 pull-down capability, RM-B750 Remote Control Unit attach capability on the front panel, One channel teleprompter inputs with Built-in Ethernet interface (100Base-T). Two-channel data trunk line (RS-422A/RS-232C) for easy data transmission and Two-channel microphone outputs (two XLR connectors)


      • Four sets of HD SDI or SD SDI outputs
      • Up to four additional sets of HD SDI or SDI outputs (with two optional HKCA1005 boards)
      • Four sets of HD SDI, SD SDI, and analog composite return video inputs
      • Built-in down-converted analog composite output
      • Built-in 2-3 pull-down capability
      • Two-channel teleprompter inputs
      • Built-in Ethernet interface (100Base-T)
      • Maximum 240 V/200 VA utility power output capability for use with the HDC-1000 or HDLA-1500 (Fiber Operation)
      • Two-channel data trunk lines (RS-422A or RS-232C) for easy data transmission
      • AES/EBU digital audio output
      • Two-channel microphone outputs (two XLR connectors)
  • Sony RCP-920

    • Sony RCP-920

      The RCP-920 is a remote control panel for use with BVP-E30 series and HDC-1500 series cameras. Designed especially for live production use, this RCP includes direct access to master gain, optical filters, and scene files. These, together with RGB black and white level adjustments and joystick control of iris and master black, provide fast, simple access to the most frequently used camera functions. Dedicated switches are provided for many on/off controls, and an LCD menu display and rotary encoders enable access to many other control adjustments.
  • Sony RCP-750

    • Sony RCP-750

      The RCP-750 is a full function remote control panel for use with BVP-E30 series and HDC-1500 series cameras. This RCP includes a colour LCD touch screen, to provide fast, simple access to virtually all camera functions within a compact sized panel. Rotary controls are provided for RGB black and white level adjustments, together with joystick control of iris and master black. Dedicated switches provide quick access to the most frequently used on/off controls.
  • Sony RM-B150

    • Sony RM-B150

      Handheld remote control unit for BVP-950A, BVP-750A, BVP-570, BVP-550, HDW-700A, HDW-F900, DSR-450WSL. This unit utilizes the studio camera command system and may be used in applications or in place of RCP-700 series remote control panels.
  • Sony RM-BR300

    • Sony RM-BR300

      Remote Control Unit for the BRC-300 / H700 /Z700 / Z330. All camera settings including the Pan/Tilt/Zoom function and six preset patterns can be easily controlled from the RM-BR300.
  • Sony HDCU-1000 CCU

    • Sony HDCU-1000 CCU

      The HDCU-1000 is a full rack control unit designed for use with the HDC-1500 series cameras. The HDCU-1000 is equipped with a range of built-in interfaces such as HD SDI/SD SDI outputs, HD/SD return inputs, and a down-converted analogue composite monitor output. In addition, a variety of output interfaces are offered via optional boards, which are installed in four slots on the HDCU-1000.
  • sinaCAM HDC-1-200

    • sinaCAM HDC-1-200

      sinaCAM base unit to use with our sinaCAM camera system.


      • Digital Signal Processing: Single Chip DSP (dual 14-Bit)
      • White Balance: AWB (Push to set White Balance) 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6800K, MAN (red and blue)
      • Black Level: Adjustable
      • Exposure Control: 200, 400, 800 ASA
      • Gamma: REC 709, S-Log, custom via web interface
      • Electronic Shutter: Full Frame, 1/50s ... 1/1000s
      • Remote Head Connections: CoaxPress (via single 75Ohm Coax Cable)
      • Output Signals: Up to 4x HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M, 372M) * DVI (Digital Monitor Output 1920×1080 @ 60Hz)
      • HD-SDI Video Formats: YCbCr 4:2:2 / 10 bit - 1920×1080: 24p, 24psf, 25p, 25psf, 50i, 30p, 30psf, 60i, 48p*, 50p*, 60p*, 23.9p, 23.9psf, 29.9p, 29.9psf, 59.9i, 59.9p* * = HD-SDI Dual Link Mode
      • HD-SDI Video Formats: 1280x720: 24p, 25p, 30p, 50p, 60p, 23.98p, 29.97p, 59.94p
      • 3D Monitoring: CAM1, CAM2, Alternate Frame, Alternate Line, Subtract, Anaglyph
      • Synchronisation: Internal or Genlock to Tri-Level Sync or Black Burst
      • Remote Control Panel Support: Sony RCPs that use the 700 Protocol can be connected via the AUX terminal, for example: Sony MSU-700/700A/750/900/1000/1500, Sony RCP-700/701/720/721/730/731/740/741/750/751/920/921/1000/1001/1500/1501/1530, Sony RM-B150/B750
      • Supported Features with Sony RCPs: Master Black Setting, Master White Setting, Master Gain Setting (-6 to +12 dB), Shutter setting, 5600k (electronic colour temperature conversion) on/off, PsF (CCD progressive read function) on/off, Auto White Balance, Step Gamma setting: 0.40 (BBC) or 0.45 (Rec. 709), Gamma Setting, Knee Point Setting, Knee Slope Setting, Black Gamma Setting - Low, Mid, High range setting, White Clip Setting, Detail level setting (Sharpening), "Test" Button enables output of a test pattern (generated at camera heads, image processing with current settings applied), "Bars" button enables output of SMPTE colour bars (generated at base station/CCU, no image processing)
      • Communication Ports: 100MBit Ethernet, USB 2.0 for Still Picture Capture on a Memory Stick, RS232 / 485
      • User Interface: Graphical User Interface, Web Interface
      • 10-Pin ODU Connector (AUX): RS232 / 485, Exposure Trigger I/O, Time Code I/O
      • 2-Pin ODU Connector (POWER): 12.24 V DC
      • Power Consumption: 30W max. (incl. two Remote Heads)
      • Temperature Operating Range: 0 - 45°C (32 - 113°F)
      • Conformity: EMV: 2004/108/EG; CE: 93/68/EWG; Low Voltage Standard 73/23/EWG; RoHS